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Heal Your Broken Heart Guide

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  • Learn What Grief Really Is
  • Unbeliefs Or Myths About Grief And How To Start To Change Them
  • Coping Strategies You May Be Using That Are Not Helpful
  • How To Change Starting Today To Have A Better Tomorrow

    You are a griever in some capacity who has experienced loss and your heart is broken. The tools and resources you’ve read so far on grief have fallen short and left you with more questions than answers.  The perfect life you thought you would have no longer seems possible for you.

    Every minute of every day you think about your loss and that thought takes you down a rabbit hole of despair, guilt, and shame. You feel trapped in your grief and desperately wish you had a clear path forward with some solid answers, and someone to talk to who can relate to you on a personal level. Every morning it feels like a slap in the face as you dread that your day will be the same as yesterday and your pain will never stop. You feel trapped in an unending loop of grief and pain and desperately wish you had a clear path forward with some solid answers, that will help you honor your loss, while still enjoying the people you still have around you.

    Hey Friend! You are in the right place! We exist to help you become emotionally complete with your losses and feel better again.

    We are a group of grief to freedom coaches for grievers who have emotional loss in their lives and thus have lost a piece of themselves and are ready to feel better again. 

    We help them honor themselves and discover their new direction. We guide them through the next steps to finding joy and freedom regardless of the loss they have experienced. We will help guide them from grief to freedom.

    Who are we?

    Grief to Freedom exists to help people break free from the weight of grief. To see people living in their perfect design using tools that encourage and empower accountability, self-discovery, and self-confidence in knowing they will find their truth and the strength and courage to live it out.

    Our Founder and CEO Olivia Myles has experienced a loss through the death of her 2nd born son to an accidental drowning in 2007.

    Grief is something that everyone experiences before they die. At one point or the other, everyone on earth will experience grief, pain, and sorrow. Through her loss, she has  studied, and learned effective tools to get to emotional completion and is here, along with the other Grief To Freedom coaches to give you access to freedom and hope to live through this journey we call grief.   


    Today, we  get to help amazing people find freedom for the grief journey and pursue a new and fulfilling life. Everyday we are thankful for the opportunities we have to make a tangible difference in our clients’ lives.

    We would love to hear from you, Friend!

    To learn more about how we can help you go from grief to freedom, check out our services page or fill out our contact form.

    We can’t wait to meet you.