Heartache To Joy Video Course 

Learn how to finally let go of the weight of grief without losing yourself and honoring your experience.

  • Release The Emotional Pain.
  • Remember Without The Triggers.
  • Live Without Guilt And Regret.

Your Grief to Freedom Journey Begins Now

The Heartache to Joy Video course is a step-by-step process – an “action program” for unlocking and respecting the emotional experience of our grief – both the immediate or presenting grief issues – and those that may have been holding us captive for years.

Heartache To Joy Video Course 

What is Grief?

Relationship-Related Grief
  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Estrangement
  • Self-Identity
Work-Related Grief
  • Job Loss or Layoff
  • Downsizing
  • Career or Job Change
  • Income or Investment Loss
  • Failed Business Ventures
Life Changes and Losses
  • Uproot in any way - Positive or Negative
  • House Fire
  • Moved
  • Graduated
  • Had A Baby
  • Got Married
  • Illness, Disease, or Disability
  • Pet Loss
  • Loss of Direction and Clarity

Here’s what you’ll get when you Sign Up

Inside of Heartache To Joy Video Course, you'll learn what isn’t working and what to do about it, you’ll discover what is working, and you’ll be able to implement those new tools to release grief while honoring yourself and your loss.  Move beyond being buried under grief into living without suffering and finding your way to joy.

Pain is inevitable; 

suffering is optional. 

Relief Now

Feel the relief each step of the way. This evidenced-based process allows your emotional heart to heal and you will remember without the pain.


Learn how to transform painful reminders into steady, true-to-life, and enjoyable memories. Missing your loss and grieving your loss are not the same.


Your newfound vitality and refreshed purpose provide a pathway to uncompromising joy. Choose freedom and live the life you always wanted to.

Life Improvement

Heartache to Joy is a proven process you can use OVER and OVER again, for ANY emotional loss you will encounter over the course of your LIFE.

What they say about the course: Former Student Feedback

Working with Olivia has been transformative. Over the years I thought I handled grief well until Olivia showed me all the ways I was carrying it and why my burdens were so heavy. Working together, we unearthed what was holding me back in my life and work, getting me to a greater capacity to thrive. I feel like a new person. Every week, I am using the tools and skills Olivia has equipped me with to continue operating from a place of freedom. I highly recommend her workshops, training, and coaching. She is a masterful coach, a deep listener, warm, and compassionate. She has a vast ability to guide you from the depths of being stuck and weighed down into living a life of complete joy and freedom.

D. S. 

Working with Olivia has brought me to a level of enlightenment that I didn't know was possible. I am able to identify losses not associated with traditional grief, acknowledge them for a short time, and then tell them goodbye. As a result, I am focused forward, and using the tools daily to support my emotional health. It's literally not a day where this work doesn't touch my life in all aspects of my life.

A. S

Before working with Olivia and doing this course, I didn’t know how to name how or what I felt. Now I know it was losses and grief. I learned how to express myself in a healthy way and feel good about it. As a result of working with Olivia, I know how to handle bad or negative interactions. I know it’s okay to say how or what I’m feeling, most of all I don’t have to explain them.

T. B

What's Inside?

You've spent time reading books, listening to podcasts, and sharing about your losses to whoever would listen - it's time to learn an evidenced-based process, that is proven to help you feel better and successfully get rid of grief for good, in a way that is safe and effective.


Module 1: Introduction

Discover how the weight of grief can impact you negatively and with this new information decide on what pressing grief issues you will release first. 


Module 2: What is Grief? Heartache Defined

Learn the true definition of grief and start to then retrain and empower yourself for change.


Module 3: Untruths I Believe

Understand what isn’t working, and find comfort in knowing you are not alone.


Module 4Habits That Don't Serve Me

Discover the ways your grief behaviors are holding you back from experiencing the long-term and lasting relief you desire, and what to do about it. 


Module 5My Loss Journey

Deep dive into your own loss experiences with a systemic tool that will guide you and make the review process safe and doable.


Module 6Deep Dive In: A Deeper Look At One Loss

Gain skills using an organized and effective process for review and release, allowing you to zero in on your loss and release the story up and out so you can enjoy life again in freedom.


Module 7Speaking My Truth

Put into practice the tools you learn and start to recover with components that will be a game changer once learned.


Module 8: Completion - Getting To Joy!

The final week is the week of completion. Take everything you’ve learned up until now, and get to completion! You will discover the most effective way to release your grief that is evidence-based, safe, and effective. You will gain a lifetime of benefits and you can use this over and over again.

You Deserve This

Imagine having learned a tool that will not only clear your grief and pain, but it will also do so while honoring you, your memories, and your loss, regardless if your grief event was positive or negative.

Build on a foundation of joy, peace, and love, not pain, guilt, and regret.

Meet Your Facilitator

Olivia Myles

Are you stuck in perpetual heartache? Are you living the same day over and over again because you are stuck in past pain?
You know you must continue to care for the people that matter most, yet you long for a remedy for the heartache you have experienced.

Living this dual reality is difficult and exhausting.

As a woman, wife, mother and grief overcomer myself, I am blessed to spend my days as a grief to freedom coach helping amazing people from every walk of life, find their freedom from the bondage of grief and pursue a new and fulfilling life.

I help them honor themselves and the past, while discovering a new, healthy direction. I guide them through the next steps to finding how to take care for the people in their lives who matter most, without feeling guilty or thinking they can’t honor themselves and their heartache if they move forward.

I love my work as a griever and grief to freedom coach! Every day I’m thankful for the opportunities I have to make a tangible difference in my clients’ lives.

Your Grief To Freedom Journey Begins Now

1. The Problem:

Compounded Grief - Often, the most recent grief occurrence is made more difficult by experiences from our past which were not recognized or addressed at the time, adding weight to the current grief event.

2. The Solution:

Step-by-Step Process - Through a defined step-by-step system, you will first explore old ineffective tools you’ve been using, then the system shifts to learning new tools which can be used across a wide spectrum of losses – from persons to pets to hopes, dreams, and expectations, to those intangible things like trust, safety, or faith.  At every step, you are respected, without judgment or analysis, and are supported in identifying and giving voice to the wide range of emotions that accompany the full extent of the loss.

3. The Results:

Completion - Getting to Joy - Once the course is completed for one loss, and you gain a sense of relief and lightness, it can be used over and over again, to address other past losses, and to help more quickly address new losses. 

The Heartache to Joy Video course is a step-by-step process – an “action program” for unlocking and respecting the emotional experience of our grief – both the immediate or presenting grief issues – and those that may have been holding us captive for years. 


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Heartache to Joy Video Course: Learn how to successfully let go of the weight of grief without losing yourself and honoring your experience.

Self Study Independently

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  • A Proven Tool, Once Learned, To Use To Get To Joy - Over And Over Again!

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This course requires active participation and a willingness to do the work required to get you from heartache to joy. If you find this process is not for you, there is a 14-day No-Questions Guarantee. This means you have up to 2 lessons to review and decide if this is your jam and you are in your freedom zone. This process works when you work it, it is evidenced based to get you past your pain. Any materials you obtain during your 2-week enrollment are yours to keep and once you receive your refund, you will no longer have access to the course.


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