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    In this episode with Grief Coach, Olivia Myles, you'll hear:

    her journey of loss and grief of a child after years of living the same day over, how she learned to keep his memory alive without the pain why the saying, "Time heals all wounds" is untrue and what you actually need to healthe many other types of grief outside of loss of a loved one that most people are have experienced at some point in their lives the unhealthy expectations our culture has created around grieving and what we should really be doing instead how she uses her gifts of a Type 7 in her grief recovery work with clients

    For anyone needing to process grief of any kind - a loss, a move, a career change, a relationship change, etc. Olivia hosts grief recovery groups and works with clients 1:1 to process in a healthy, healing way.

    Choosing Joy After Loss with Olivia Myles - Podcast Episode

    Olivia Myles was a young mother with two little boys when the unimaginable happened in 2007. Her little 2 year old son, Josiah, drown. Olivia had to continue being a wife as well as a Mom to her 3-year-old son.

    It can be very enticing to stay stuck in our stories and feel sorry for ourselves, pulling others into our stories with us.  But Olivia finally had enough of that, and once she did, her real healing began. Olivia is a beautiful woman with a powerful story of love, heartache, healing, and finding purpose in all of it.

    The things Olivia and her husband questioned after Josiah’s passingWhat she said to herself one night that shifted things. The critical decision she and her husband madeHow she learned to make decisions after Josiah died. What happened when Olivia “ate her grief” What’s on the other side of our emotions - and how to get thereWhere the breakthroughs we all want come fromHow being open to possibilities shifted things for Olivia. What she said after asking “Why me?” that was pivotal. The thing she chose over struggleWhat you have to do to find what you have to give to the world, even after a heartbreaking lossWhat we need to do when we cry. The lie we sometimes tell ourselvesHow Olivia found her faith after Josiah left this life. What happens when we don’t know how to grieve a lossThe importance of being able to ask for and receive help when you need it. The thing people want to do to help others’. How to avoid feeling like a burden when you’re going through hurt. How the feminist movement has harmed women in times of loss and grief. What it took for Olivia to finally ask for help. What grief is, and what it is notWhat you need to move through grief. Why we cannot get resentful if we don’t get what we needWhat you need to do if you’re in a relationship when going through loss and grief. Why it’s difficult to meet someone else’s needs when you’re hurting. The two qualities/values required when navigating grief. The importance of recognizing that you aren’t the same person after loss. How you must grief and heal as a couple after loss.